Reductionism – The Knowledge Exchange Podcast

Reductionism – The Knowledge Exchange Podcast

Go check out my second chat with Daniel on The Knowledge Exchange podcast. We take a dive into some of the ways we used to look at patients and how the evidence we take a more modern and up-to-date approach to care.

You can find the podcast here, or where you usually get your podcasts:

Alex Murray Podiatrist

Alex Murray is a Podiatrist working in private practice and the founder of website Making Sense in Podiatry. He's passionate about helping other clinicians make sense of evidence and clinical practice with a core philosophy of exploring the complexity of human beings, embracing the uncertainty of clinical practice, and avoiding overly reductionist thinking. In addition to his undergraduate degree from La Trobe, he also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine from the University of Otago. He has experience with both national and international athletes and has recently transitioned to focusing primarily on helping the general population and local athletes manage their pain and achieve their goals.

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