The Podiatry Systems Podcast

Alex is a regular host of The Podiatry Systems Podcast, where he does a regular research review, interviews prominent clinicians and researchers and shares amazing free resources such as the Podiatry Systems x CauseHealth Collaboration.


Alex regularly appears on other podcasts. These include:

PodChatLive Episode 93 – Causation in Podiatry

Alex and CauseHealth Director Dr Rani Lill Anjum join podcast hosts Ian Griffiths and Craig Payne to discuss how confident we can/should be about the causes and effects we see in clinic, the context within which we should view the conclusions of RCTs, and how we should embrace patient uniqueness and complexity when formulating management plans.

The Run Smarter Podcast

In this Podcast Alex and Brodie talk about the importance of receiving a diagnosis, the dangers with providing the same treatment to everyone and the limitations of labelling someone’s injury. You’ll gain new insight into the unique rehabilitation path to know if you are on the right recovery path.

The Knowledge Exchange Podcast – Updated Narratives in Podiatry

Alex joins host Daniel Arbilla to discuss:
  • Foot posture – what we know now.
  • Looking at the whole picture rather than adopting a fixer mindset.
  • Different options to manage load, and the non-specific effects influencing treatments.
    Experiential learning and managing expectations

The Knowledge Exchange Podcast – Reductionism

Alex returns to the TKEX podcast to discuss:

  • Reductionism in msk practice.
  • Nuances of a specific diagnosis.
  • A common misconception when treating the whole person.
  • Transitioning from university thinking to person-centred mindset.
  • Guided vs fixing, and asking the right questions.
  • Subjective and objective insights within a BPS framework.

The Running EP Podcast – Episode 12 – Critical Thinking, Epistemology and EBM

Alex Murray joins host Jeff to talk about his understanding and application of critical thinking skills in Healthcare, EPISTEMOLOGY in behaviour change; as well as assessing the value of scientific research and helpful ways of applying evidence-based medicine! 

The Running EP Podcast – Episode 29 – Drop it like it’s hot

The Running EP Podcast is introducing a new segment called, “DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT” with the sassiest podiatrist, Alex Murray!
On episode #29 we talk about the hottest topics in healthcare at the moment including:

  • What’s the fuss about Manual Therapy?
  • Why do some people rave about Orthotics and some don’t?
  • When did Pain Science become an intervention?
  • Harnessing Imposter Syndrome to your advantage!

Podiatry Legends – Episode 94 – Alex Murray – Making Sense of Pain Management

Alex joins Tyson to discuss:
  • The paradigm shift and changing the ways we think about not only our failures but also our successes.
  • Reductionism & Complexity
  • Guided problem solving: why different problems can be managed successfully in many ways
  • Having more treatment options make us better.
  • Pain Management and managing athletes.
  • Patient beliefs and previous experiences will determine their behaviours. 
  • The long-term benefits of understanding and listening to your patient’s goals and how to encourage them back into their activity 

Into the Red Zone – Episode 24 – What the F**K is Podiatry? (ft. Alex Murray)

Alex joins Exercise Physiologists Ellen Mason and Tait Brown to tell them about Podiatry/Podiatrists, what we do, how and when we can be a good person to refer too!

Health with Purpose Podcast

In a podcast aimed at assisting and educating patients, Alex joins host and Physiotherapy Sue May Wong to talk about all things Podiatry. This includes:

  • What is the role of a podiatrist?
  • When should you see a podiatrist?
  • What are some key attributes to look for in a podiatrist who is person centered and up to date with the evidence?
  • Common Myths and Misconceptions in Podiatry
    • Pain is caused by moving the wrong way or not having ideal foot posture
    • Orthotics are always worn for the long term
    • Footwear must be optimal to avoid injury
    • Wearing orthotics weakens the foot muscles
  • Commonly asked questions
    • Bunions – what causes it?
    • Custom made orthotics or over the counter orthotics – which one is better?