Just out of university or back from a course and struggling to put what you know into practice?

Have a specific problem in clinic and need someone to help you work through it?

Trying to plan out your future CPD and not sure what you should be focusing on our why?

Drowning in journal articles and not sure how to make sense of it all?

Or maybe you want someone to help you grow into a more confident and well rounded clinician.

Alex offers private one-on-one mentorship tailored specifically to you and what you want to achieve. Get the guidance of a senior clinician and educator

Sessions can include:

  • Going through case studies, including reviewing current or previous patients you’ve had in the clinic
  • Providing guidance on how to manage tricky or complex patients
  • Helping you implement new skills or knowledge into your clinical practice
  • Developing a comprehensive professional development plan to help you become the clinician you want to be
  • Developing strategies to help you overcome common problems or barriers in the clinic
  • Guidance on how to implement strength and conditioning principles into practice
  • Setting up tasks or reflections to help you get the most out of the sessions or other CPD you’re doing
  • Guiding you on how you can more effectively communicate with your patients and increase compliance

Not sure if this is right for you? All new mentees get a free 15 minute obligation free chat to discuss your goals, find if Alex is the right fit for what you want to achieve and to help plan your future sessions.

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Alex also offers tutoring for university students who are struggling with course content, want assistance with implementing their coursework into clinical practice or want extra mentorship while on clinical placements.

He offers assistance with subjects involving:

  • Biomechanics
  • Musculoskeletal Medicine
  • Exercise therapies
  • Radiology
  • Academic writing

Want to find out more – contact Alex at